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Impact of Disability on Your Family

Sacramento Social Security Disability Lawyers Understand that Loved Ones Suffer

After 39 years of advocacy, the Sacramento Social Security Disability attorneys at David Allen & Associates are keenly aware that disabilities profoundly impact an entire family. The stress on a household can be almost unbearable as a family member struggles to get compensation from Social Security. Disability lawyers know this is particularly important when a person has been a sole provider for a family. But, our Sacramento Social Security attorneys also say that, even if you have not been the sole provider of income, your family may depend on your contribution. Without fair compensation from Social Security benefits, our lawyers know that a family’s future may be in jeopardy. At David Allen & Associates in Sacramento , our Social Security lawyers recognize the impact of disability on the entire family. As experienced Social Security disability attorneys, we dedicate our professional lives to helping disabled people receive the SSDI benefits they deserve.

Survivors May Inherit Social Security Disability Benefits

Lawyers explain that Social Security disability benefits are intended for people with serious injuries or medical conditions. In addition, our Sacramento Social Security Disability attorneys say conditions are expected to last more than a year -- or to result in death . If you have been given a terminal diagnosis, our Sacramento Social Security Disability attorneys know people may think it is not worth filing for SSDI benefits , assuming they won’t live long enough to collect Social Security benefits. But lawyers explain that SSDI benefits payments are made to certain survivors of people who qualified for Social Security benefits . Attorneys at the Sacramento Social security law firm of David Allen & Associates can help people in this difficult position. If you anticipate your death due to disability, our Social Security lawyers work diligently to get an expedited hearing and obtain SSDI benefits to help your family after you are gone. Bringing this kind of peace of mind to people suffering terminal diagnoses is a mission for our Social Security attorneys in Sacramento .

Qualifying for SSDI Benefits After a Family Member Has Died

Our Sacramento Social Security Disability attorneys explain that, if your deceased family member was receiving SSDI benefits payments at the time of death, you may be able to collect those SSDI benefits. As a widow or widower, our Sacramento Social Security Disability lawyers say, you are entitled to a percentage of your deceased spouse's SSDI benefits payment. However, our Social Security attorneys add that survivor SSDI benefits must conform to certain rules.
  • SSDI benefits guidelines say survivors at full retirement age or older are entitled to 100 percent of the payment that your spouse received, according to our Sacramento Social Security Disability attorneys.
  • If you are at least 60 years old but not at full retirement age, our Sacramento Social Security Disability lawyers explain, you can receive 71.5 to 99 percent of your spouse's SSDI benefits payment.
  • Our Sacramento Social Security Disability lawyers say a disabled spouse aged 50 to 59 may receive 71.5 percent of your spouse's SSDI benefits.
  • If you are caring for a child under age 16, our Sacramento Social Security Disability attorneys say a survivor spouse is entitled to 75 percent of the SSDI benefits payment

SSDI survivor benefits are also available for children who are under age 18 or disabled, according to our Sacramento Social Security benefits attorneys. That payment is set at 75 percent of the deceased parent's SSDI benefits rate.

Sacramento Social Security Benefits Lawyers Offer Expertise, Understanding

The Social Security benefits attorneys at David Allen & Associates Sacramento understand the emotional challenges of dealing with the bureaucracy of Social Security. Our benefits lawyers are aware that a significant number of applications for SSDI benefits are denied at the first application for Social Security. Disability attorneys do let denials stop the process of gaining just compensation for our clients seeking Social Security disability support. Lawyers at David Allen & Associates work diligently to represent clients whose injuries and illnesses threaten their family’s future. Call our office at (877) 876-4800 and one of our Sacramento Social Security Disability attorneys will discuss your options. The Social Security lawyers at David Allen & Associates have successfully represented SSDI benefits clients all over the United States. Our Social Security attorneys in Sacramento offers experience, expertise and compassion to our SSDI benefits clients and their families.

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