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Social Security Disability Attorneys at the law firm of David Allen & Associates Sacramento have over 43 years of successfully helping people get benefits for Social Security disability. Our lawyers do this without charging a fee until we get you benefits you deserve from Social Security. Our disability attorneys have experienced a high rate of success in advocating for clients counting on receiving compensation from Social Security. Disability lawyers at our specialized and focused law firm in Sacramento understand the challenges of applying for Social Security disability. Our attorneys know it’s often overwhelming and discouraging for individuals with no experience in the arena of Social Security. Our lawyers have developed a high level of expertise that brings comfort and results to clients needing the benefits of Social Security.

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What is the difference between SSDI and SSI?

Social Security Attorney Modesto Our Sacramento Social Security Disability attorneys explain that SSDI and SSI are federal programs run by the Social Security Administration. Lawyers add that the program also includes the state-run Disability Determination Services. Long-term disability insurance, our Sacramento Social Security attorneys explain, is a policy with a private insurance company that you can obtain individually or through your employer. In either case, Social Security disability lawyers admit, the process of obtaining benefits can be difficult and slow. But our Social Security and disability lawyers in Sacramento work to clear away the obstacles and speed up the resolution of your disability claim. Our dedicated Sacramento Social Security disability attorneys know how to amass compelling evidence and build strong cases in favor of our clients seeking support from Social Security.

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Has your claim been routinely denied?

Social Security Disability Application Sacramento Disability attorneys at David Allen & Associates Sacramento say the application and appeals process can be daunting for injured people with an urgent need for support from Social Security. Disability claims, lawyers admit, are subject to a bureaucratic process that moves slowly for Social Security applicants. Attorneys add that disability claims are routinely denied by the Social Security Administration. Attorneys at David Allen & Associates are undeterred by denials. Our Sacramento Social Security Disability lawyers are very familiar with the entire process. Claims application, appeals, and the manner in which hearings are conducted are daily business for our Social Security lawyers. That’s why our specialized Social Security law firm has a nearly 90 percent success rate in winning Social Security disability benefits. Attorneys at our Social Security law firm in Sacramento win just compensation for our disabled clients.

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Understanding the Urgent Need for Social Security

Social Security Disability Benefits San Jose

Experience Counts

Our Sacramento Social Security Disability attorneys are aware of the challenges people face when they are disabled. Loss of income and a growing pile of medical bills are serious problems our Social Security lawyers can help you solve. Our Social Security and disability lawyers in Sacramento help clients effectively navigate appeal procedures so often required by insurance companies and Social Security. Disability lawyers effectively reduce the emotional stress on clients going through the time consuming, frustrating process of applying for Social Security disability.

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Apply for your Disability Benefits TODAY!

Attorneys at Allen & Associates in Sacramento are aware that lots of people feel they can adequately represent themselves in an application for Social Security. Disability lawyers agree that the process really should not be so cumbersome that it requires professional representation to win a claim for Social Security. But attorneys admit that the bureaucracy presents formidable roadblocks to most people who apply for Social Security disability. Lawyers know the challenges are even bigger when an applicant is suffering physical pain.

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How do you select a Good Disability Lawyer?

Our Sacramento Social Security attorneys, however, are proud of their professional ability to assist disabled people in need of help from Social Security. A disability lawyer is accustomed to handling the documentation needed to prevail in a claim for Social Security benefits. Disability lawyers at David Allen & Associates Sacramento work with skill, experience and compassion to get compensation from Social Security. Our disability attorneys invite you to talk with us, at no charge, about how we can help with your Social Security disability claim.

Remember, you will owe our Sacramento Social Security law firm no money unless we successfully help you collect disability benefits.

Social Security Disability attorneys at David Allen & Associates Sacramento began providing Social Security representation in 1980. We continue to represent Social Security Disability claimants whether their claims are made in Sacramento or elsewhere throughout the western United States. Our Sacramento Social Security Disability Attorneys will respond to your request online or when you call us at 877-876-4800.

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